Nourish is a new Vegetarian and Vegan venture from Robbie Tack in Larkhall, Bath

Nourish is a new Vegetarian and Vegan venture from Robbie Tack in Larkhall, Bath post thumbnail image

Nourish is a new vegetarian and vegan venture from Robbie Tack in Larkhall, Bath. The restaurant offers an affordable and high-quality menu with a twist to the traditional offering.

Nourish is set to open its doors to the public on Friday 10th September at 7pm. The first 200 people who buy a meal will receive two free drinks of their choice before they are served their meal.

The new venture, Nourish, is run by Robbie Tack and is a vegetarian-only eatery that offers dishes such as semolina risotto with seared scallops, roasted cauliflower steak with Piedmontese veal jus, and grilled mackerel with lemon and thyme butter.

Nourish offers a menu of light meals created from seasonal ingredients that are naturals for the environment. It has been described as “One of the best places to eat in Bath” by locals.

Nourish is a new venture from award-winning chef Robbie Tack in Larkhall, Bath. As a vegan-only restaurant offering light meals made with seasonal ingredients and sourced locally, the restaurant boasts an interior designed by designer George Boyd.

As a vegan, the creativity and the unpredictability of food was hugely appealing to me, so I wanted to bring this experience to my fellow vegetarians. I wanted to create a restaurant that was entirely plant-based, vegan and where everyone could have a cosy night in and eat good food without having to worry about what they were going to cook for themselves.

Nourish is an innovative restaurant from Chef Robbie Tack which will offer plenty of amazing, wholesome vegetarian and vegan dishes in Larkhall, Bath.

Nourish is a new vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Larkhall, Bath.

Nourish is the first of its kind in Bath, with a menu designed to cater for vegetarians and vegans. Robbie Tack, owner of Nourish, says he has seen people struggling when they go out to eat or they can’t find vegan friendly options in Bath.

Larkhall-based new business, Nourish, is a vegetarian and vegan venture. Robbie Tack is the founder of this natural food-focused eatery. He has a background in artisan bakery, hotel management and sustainable agriculture.

Nourish is taking vegetarian and vegan eating to the next level with its unique menus that are packed with seasonal produce. With an emphasis on local sourcing, Nourish’s menu includes seasonal dishes like Cornbread Fried Chickpeas, Parsnip & Squash Tartare & Raw Beetroot Ketchup.

Robbie Tack was born in Larkhall but spent his early years travelling around the world with his parents who ran hotels for The Salvation Army in Africa, India and South America. He went on to study Hospitality Management at East Tennessee State.

The Vegetarian and Vegan venture, Nourish is a new venture from Robbie Tack in Larkhall, Bath. Nourish has started out as a vegan cafe with a focus on ethical and sustainable food, but has now transformed into an eco-friendly vegetarian cafe.

Nourish offers many delicious vegan and vegetarian options like jackfruit curry, cauliflower wings, lentil sloppy joes and carrot cake.

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